Monday, September 23, 2013

The Imaginary LIne


The other day I was going through my online groups and one of the questions posted was do 'you know where the line is drawn'. I started thinking for a moment. What the hell were they talking about?  I don't normally read all the comments, but on that post I did.  With this new yahoo program, I hadn't gotten the original email. 

The line they were talking about was an imaginary line that is drawn between you and your partner if you are in a relationship like mine; a DP one, or S/M and others. It's like playing that game where you toss pennies toward a line.  In the penny game you want to get as close to the line as possible without going over it, because if you do you lose the money already on the ground. Well in the game talked about on the yahoo group, you'll end up bare ass over your lover's knees, getting your backside turned a nice shade of red.

This line is there all the time.  It doesn't matter where you are: at the store, mall, walking with your lover, it doesn't matter, the line is firmly drawn.  Be warned, if you are at a friend's house, who is also in that type of relationship be careful because you know what will happen if you cross that line.

With us, public display is a big no, and my ass will be toast when we get home. He won't correct me in public, but he will pull me to one side and warn me. If I continue to cross that line, I will not be able to sit for a few hours after we get home. Ok time to cool it.

Indications that I've crossed the line could be the red blotch he gets by the corner of his mouth when he's totally had enough of the antics. The redder it gets the more pissed he is so that's the clue to settle down and behave. It could be a vain in the neck or forehead. The more it sticks out tells you how close you are getting. If your partner rubs his temples like he getting a headache you are getting close to the line. The closer you get the more the top rubs. With blood shot eyes- the redder the lines, is the clue its time to ease back and cool yourself down. One of the warning signs might be if your Top rubs his swatting hand on his pants leg.  That may be the sign to stop inching your way to that line.  

Sometimes the Brat can ease their way to that line and with the warning look or other signs, they are able to ease back a little.  Sometimes its like you not only crossed that line, you've crossed it for the next three days or so.

Trust me, I know.  I am lying here on my belly with the lap top in front of me bare assed.  I have a fan blowing on my bare nether regions in hope that it'll put out the heat in my seat. I swear that line gets crossed too fast sometimes.

So you brats out there reading this-watch for the warning signs they are not as subtle as a railroad crossing.  There's no flashing red lights with alarms. Nope, sometimes they are come at you in a flash. And that's it. Your ass is grass and he's the weed-wacker.

"You're not on the computer, are you?" My partner yells from downstairs.

"No, just laying here!" I yelled back without looking over my shoulder.

"Then what's that?" He asked from the doorway as he rubs his hand down his pant leg.

I swallowed hard. "The laptop."  I told him as I  saved this in a hurry.

"Turn it off now," He ordered.

"Yes sir."  

Bye everyone. Pray for me.